Lava Rock Beaded Halo Earrings


These halo earrings are the crossroad of several thoughts leading to one conclusion:

1) I hurl myself through life, anxious and passionate, and sometimes I rely on lavender oil blends to get me through the day.
2) Lava rocks have a pitted, porous surface which make them ideal for carrying a scent with you.
3) As a kid, I would watch women in the movies apply dabs of perfume behind their ears and on their neck and wrists. I already know you can wear lava rock necklaces and bracelets, but to be honest I don't sniff my own wrist that often and I already have go-to necklaces.

Why not turn them into earrings? That was the conclusion I came to, and so the birth of these Lava Rock Beaded Halo Earrings. There are some slight imperfections, as they're handmade and a bit difficult for me to do so.

The specifics:
• GOLD HOOKS  10kt plated gold hooks that can be swapped out or replaced easily if necessary.
MIYUKI DURALINE : Very strong, flexible, braided beading thread made from gel-spun polyethylene; its unique construction makes it incredibly tough, which is absolutely a must with so many tiny beads involved. 
HANDMADE : With love in Ottawa, ON by yours truly, probably while watching Crimson Peak for the hundredth time this month.
• CARE INSTRUCTIONS : The halo can be moved, but is quite securely attached to the lava rock. You can slide it back into place if it gets out of alignment (it likely will, I opted not to attach it with any fixative so that the lava rock has maximum scent potential). Try not to sleep with these in, or do anything crazy rigorous, the hooks are fairly soft being made of gold so it's just not a great scene.

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Type: jewellery

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