Diamond in the Rough Beaded Earrings


Not all diamonds need to be crystal clear, it turns out. These diamond in the rough earrings are handmade, about an inch in length, and vary in colours and patterns.

The Sweetgrass Field pair is on substantial sale due to defect: the left one was inadvertently woven backwards, human error on my part, so they're far from perfect! 

The specifics:
• GOLD HOOKS  10kt plated gold hooks that can be swapped out or replaced easily if necessary.
MIYUKI DURALINE : Very strong, flexible, braided beading thread made from gel-spun polyethylene; its unique construction makes it incredibly tough, which is absolutely a must with so many tiny beads involved. 
HANDMADE : With love in Ottawa, ON by yours truly, probably while watching Crimson Peak for the hundredth time this month.
• CARE INSTRUCTIONS : These are less sensitive than their fringed counterparts, so more rugged. It's really hard to sever this stuff, even with a pair of scissors (the braiding means it's hard to cut through all threads at once) but it absolutely can be done, so please treat these hand-made earrings with care!

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Type: Jewellery

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