Who is Bird?

Bird is Andlucifer Writer Artist Gamer You Are Never Alone
Bird is a LARPer, gamer (mostly PS4), digital artist and writer. Apart from all of those things, Bird is 27, has a fantastic partner, really loves blue Himalayan poppies, is best friends with her little brother, and adores her super active Bengal-Siamese kitten Lugh. That's a short part of a very long list, but basically Bird is a pretty awkward anxiety-ridden creature who has struggled for a long time with the concept of self-identity and how to carve a place in a world that has often seemed unforgiving and unrelenting. 

All of the products here were made with love, to reach out to other people like her or even tourists who would like to, for a moment, know what it's like to be stuck in the flip side of the world. 

Wear leopard print in public, sing to common vermin, smell flowers whenever you want and thanks for living a fraction of your life with Bird, here and now.