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ANDLUCIFER is Bird's personal tag and brand. To encompass all of Bird's hobbies and desires and motivations, Bird started using ANDLUCIFER as a catch-all tag and name. Now, after years of preparation, here is a space where she is exactly what she wants to be at all times. Probably. It's kind of a work in progress, because as a person Bird is a work in progress.

ANDLUCIFER is where you can find a piece Bird made or designed, and maybe even take it home with you. All products here have Bird's hand in their design or creation, if not both, so literally if you see it here you won't see it sold by anyone else. If you do, please use the handy Contact Us form or let Bird know on socials because that is super uncool and they have stolen it :I

The aesthetic for ANDLUCIFER was inspired by two major influences. The first, a quotation from Sir Walter Scott's Letters on Demonology: "In all or any of these cases, who shall doubt that imagination, favoured by circumstances, has power to summon up to the organ of sight, spectres which only exist in the mind of those by whom their apparition seems to be witnessed?" The second: the photo you see here, which I took in a tourist town in Hokkaido of a karasu on a strangely shaped light pole. 

That said, thanks for taking a moment of your day to hang out here with Bird, and support a small artist.