Feelin' Ladylike Crop Top


Trying to look pretty, be healthy and also have hobbies is pretty much impossible. Sometimes when I try, I come out of it kind of like a pug in a wig. But I'll be damned if I don't feel pretty anyway, so the mirror can suck it.

Work out in style with this pug's face and all these colourful pastel shapes. Art's all mine, so this is the only place you'll see it (actually if you see it somewhere else, definitely tell me, 'cause that'd be pretty uncool). 

Here are some shirt details:
• FABRIC CONTENT  Made from 88% EcoPoly polyester, 12% spandex performance knit fabric. EcoPoly fiber requires significantly less energy and water during manufacturing than conventional polyester.
MADE IN MTL : Every athletic crop top is printed and sewn by hand in Montreal, Canada and the signature performance fabric is made by a local Montreal mill. Feel good about where your shirt's coming from: art done by a Canadian, fabric made in Canada, and shirt put together by Canadians. 
FIT : Athletic crop top hem tends to fall about 1-2” above the belly button (not a guarantee, esp if you don't have a belly button.)
• CARE INSTRUCTIONS : Vivid print that will never fade after washing. Please machine wash in cold water with a phosphate-free detergent and machine dry on medium to high heat. Do not bleach. Fabric dries pretty quickly. 

Collections: Clothing

Type: Athletic Crop Top

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