One Step Closer Card


Or, the full title: One step closer to the grave. These cards feature a white skull I hand-carved out of lino and print myself on each individual card, so there are variations in every print-- no two can be the same. Optional additions include: Happy birthday printed lino text framing the skull; floral adornments individually printed; text "one step closer to the grave" handwritten inside the card with metallic ink.

The details:
• HAND PRINTED  Each printing varies, as they're done by hand and hand-inked, out of a print I carved myself.
MADE IN CANADA : Handmade in Ottawa, ON by this one. 
SPEEDBALL INK : Done in opaque Speedball colours; the flowers will have variations if you choose a flowered card, as I hand-mix the shade every time.
• DURABLE CARD STOCK : The cards are printed on thick card stock, and can stand upright without support. They open from the bottom, rather than the side, I am not sure why I did that.

Collections: Printed Art

Type: Card

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