From Fimo to Latex to Resin: Severed Finger Jewelry

March 06, 2018

Working on creating severed finger jewelry out of resin. I should also be offering the original sculpted jewelry. So far the process has entailed sculpting the fingers, setting the clay, sealing the clay, using a rubber latex coating over the course of a couple days and finally peeling the moulds off the models. 

Next up was priming the moulds and making my first fingers. Definitely needed luck. Definitely did not have luck, and managed to mix the resin for too little time so that the fingers were faintly tacky. The first moulds were only half-complete fingers, since I tried to do a full mould, and the second attempt worked out except for being a little sticky. 


On Sunday, March 4th I finished redoing the finger moulds, and created a 3D mould of the necklace I'm working on. They actually seem to be vastly superior to the originals, and I've acquired some alcohol inks to make them pretty. Here's a photo update of the finished moulds and their respective materials: 

Resin moulds rubber latex liquid latex progress update


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